Bali in Indonesia is one of South East Asia’s Top rated holiday destinations for travelers. In this region the most popular honeymoon and holiday packages are destined to Bali.

If you are a couple planning your honeymoon or would love your kid or friends to go on a holiday with you to a place that has lovely weather, clear blue skies, warm beach and blue sea buzzing with fun sports – Bali is the obvious destination. There are numerous other beaches in Asia that could offer this experience, yet Bali is chosen from an array of reasons.

Bali is a beautiful tropical destination that offers not just a few sightseeing experiences. Even for 6 days and 5 nights one still has so much to explore and see. That’s the reason Bali is always a destination you depart with a promise to yourself to come back again. It has something to offer each and every time!

Reasons you Select Bali as your holiday destination:

Bali is a tiny section of Indonesia and often called the ‘Island of Peace’ or the ‘Island of Gods’. Some even call it “The Morning of the World.”

At you can find affordable deals to visit the wonderful attractions. It is a place of natural wonders and features some magnificent beaches known worldwide. The lush tropical forests and beautiful waterfalls are worth a visit with home to world’s rarest creatures like Sunda Pangolin and Bali myna.

Its ancient temples, the architecture, stone carving and historical significance cannot be ignored the moment you step on this ancient island. The sacred places date back to thousands of years miraculously and you will wonder how have they withstood the tests of time. Take a dip in the Purifying pool or pray at the Tirta Empul temple to cleanse your mind body and soul. Other famous and sacred spots worth visiting are the Mother Temple of Besakih and the Tanah Lot a temple of the seaside.

If you are a history buff, you will marvel at the museums to ogle at the priceless historical artifacts inside the Museum Neka. The Agung Museum of Art showcases elaborate sculptures and detailed paintings. Don’t forget to get hold of a street map after checking in your hotel or resort.

Check Flight Options:

There are multiple flight options when it comes to Bali. It is best to book your packages 3-4 months in advance to get good prices. Airline option is Singapore Airlines (via Singapore), Thai Airlines (via Bangkok) , Malaysian Airlines (via Kuala Lumpur). Normally transit visa is not required.


The areas where the Bali tourists stay usually are Seminyak, Ubud, Nusa Dua or Kuta.


Is an area with beach resorts that are up market. The beaches here are not crowded and offer great nightlife with upscale dining option. Local cuisines are a must try if you are able to reach the eateries in time fighting the heavy buzzing traffic being the only hurdle in this area.


Is Bali’s most famous beach area and is buzzing with activity irrespective of the season or month of the year. A perfect way to experience the Balinese culture, historical and artistic places. You will surely be stupefied with the stunning luxury resorts and villa’s dotted on the side of the rice plantation and river valley as a stark contrast to the beach on the other side.

Nusa Dua:

Is essentially a resort enclave with 5 star property in the Southern tip of the island. If you are on your honeymoon or have received your promotion recently and don’t mind spending extra bucks this is the place to be. The resorts provide private access to the beaches. The area is maintained by ITDC a gated community with a high sense of security all hours of the day and night. The highlights being the Legian beach, Sanur, Jimbaran Denpansar and Tanjung Beach.


Yes, since 11th November 2015 you do not need a Visa if traveling as a tourist. If you hold a valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and a return ticket or through ticket you will get through immigration.


Yes, forex is definitely required in Bali on arrival. A word of caution: exchange the Indian currency into USD and then exchange them at Bali airport into Indonesian Rupiah. The exchange rate directly from Indian Rupees is very high.


Since you have booked our Bali Tour Packages, Bali Holiday Packages or Bali Honeymoon Packages you will not go through the effort of having to book a Taxi. Yet it is good to know that Taxis in Bali are in plenty. Basic taxi fare starts from RP 7,000 to RP 10,000 per kilometer. UBER facility is also easily available. Most hotels provide a pickup and drop to and from the airport.

So what are you waiting for?

Book exclusive Bali holiday packages and Bali honeymoon packages with us at TheHolidayAdviser and you will want to go to Bali again and again!

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