Enjoy your vacation is cheapest price possible. You can visit some exotic places worldwide by paying only 50000 Indian currencies.

1. Phi Phi Islands – Thailand

Phi Phi island in Thailand is one of the most famous place when it comes to visit places in cheap rates. You can get to the island on the boat, and can witness the sea like a daunting fortress. Here you can get Towering cliffs on a beach-fronted jungle where you can enjoy the evenings. For many travels visiting Phi Phi Island is the only reason to stop by Phuket. You will get nice and cozy cottage resort in reasonable price.


2.South – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is quite a famous place among travels; people visit this place to taste some delicious seafood. In recent times Sri Lanka has grown as an international tourist destination. If you enjoy your trip in affordable rates, then rent a car from Colombo and head off to the south via western coastline. When you are in South Sri Lanka then Hikkaduwa and Bentota are must see destination. You can visit the national park here.


3. Malacca – Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful holiday destination, but when you are in Malaysia, you must not miss the color and character of Malacca. When you roam around this place you can’t keep your camera down for a minute. You will see the Portuguese influence on churches and buildings on this land. The top tourist attraction is Jonker Street in Chinatown, where you will feel as you are in 70s movies. You can shop for antiques and clothes and enjoy eating out at roadside café.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia is a place where you can appreciate art and culture, this place is full of magic, and you will enjoy the mysterious kingdom and unfold about its history. When you are in Cambodia, you must visit Angkor Wat, here you will get a wondrous fusion of spirituality, and enjoy the supreme symmetrical architecture. Before you embark your trip get information about the country and its history.

5. Batam Island – Singapore

Batam Island in Singapore is famous for a lot of things, this place has a number of beautiful Indonesian islands, and you can enjoy these islands by ferry ride. If you can’t visit all the islands, then Batam the tropical island is one the best and it takes 30 minute ferry ride. Here you will get to enjoy brilliant water sports and spa packages in affordable price range.


6 Bhuttan

Bhutan is the great Himalayan kingdom that has many things to offer. It is unique in its own way where rice is red, chilies are complete dish, and smoking cigarettes are illegal. People from any country except Indians have to pay $200 to stay in Bhutan. The landing of flight is very adventures because the pilot will land the plane between an intimidating set of mountains.

Punakha Dzong, at the confluence of two rivers, was the venue of the Fifth King of Bhutans Royal Wedding.

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